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IRIS is a single platform for booking management, shipment milestones/deviations, invoice tracking & notification management. The application is connected with our entire network of offices and agents. With seven basic shipment milestones (status), we offer an effective web-based system which gives different levels of visibility and ability to take timely informed decisions to optimize your supply chain management.
Your benefits:
  • Full visibility on shipments level for shipments, bookings, charges and invoices details
  • Booking placed by various suppliers can be effectively tracked
  • Critical shipment through “Watched Shipment” and daily email status update or overview on IRIS is available
  • Alerts for any change to the shipment (ETA, ETD, etc.) for exception management
  • Customize reference number for tracking shipments
  • Personalize shipment view by setting specific preferences
  • Booking details will be auto-transferred to NextGen (GEODIS’ Operations Management System) in real time. Once booking is confirmed, milestone will be updated
  • User and nominated parties will receive an acknowledgement email with booking details
  • With just one click, the user can download full shipment details, your reference number and key shipment milestones

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Access GEODIS 24-7 for total transparency of your consignments via our secure online portal – booking, tracking and pro-active management of deliveries.

  • Add your own consignments straight into the GEODIS system, arranging pick up and deliveries with ease and speed
  • Labels can be printed out at your own premises and affixed on the consignment  immediately meaning it are scanned onto the system before it even leaves your premises.
  • Track and trace consignments throughout the entire journey
  • Proof of delivery (PoD) with a GPS stamp available online within seconds of delivery
  • Your consignee can be advised directly via email if their pallet or parcel has been dispatched for delivery, giving an estimated day of delivery.

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Courier Express is about speed of service for shipments and to support this service we have selected a visibility tool that is quick and simple to use.

Our online Courier Express portal allows account holders to obtain quotations for current or future shipments allowing them to plan for costs more effectively. Our customers have confirmed that this direct access gives them the flexibility to easily manage all their service requirements. From booking shipments to producing a daily shipment manifest to use as a collection check sheet saves duplication of effort. Courier Express can send automated booking and shipment updates to our customers so they can monitor shipment progress through to delivery.

Our Courier Express portal is available 24 hours a day and is simple and user friendly.

If you are an existing customer and would like access to tracking your shipments or would like to discuss our services please Contact Us.



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